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(ns ciste.config-test
(:use [ciste.config :only [environment get-host-address get-host-name merge-config]]
[ciste.test-helper :only [test-environment-fixture]]
[midje.sweet :only [contains fact =>]]))
(fact "get-host-name"
(fact "should return a string"
(get-host-name) => string?))
(fact "get-host-address"
(fact "should return a string"
(get-host-address) => string?))
(fact "environment"
(environment) => :test)
(fact "merge-config"
(let [m1 {:key1 "value1"
:key2 {:sub-key1 "value2"
:sub-key2 "value3"}}
m2 {:key2 {:sub-key2 "value4"
:sub-key3 "value5"}
:key3 "value6"}
result (merge-config m1 m2)]
result => (contains {:key1 "value1"})
result => (contains {:key3 "value6"})
(let [key2 (:key2 result)]
key2 => (contains {:sub-key1 "value2"})
key2 => (contains {:sub-key2 "value4"})
key2 => (contains {:sub-key3 "value5"}))))
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