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quack generator- generates blog
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qwkgen is a mkfile cobbled together with some templates and a set of tools to generate my blog.

qwkgen is not configurable/extensible by "config files"- its scope is not general use. however it should be easy to maintain a personal fork if you are familiar with all the sed courtship dance.

werc's template.awk is used as the template language. a fork of libsoldout is used as the markdown engine.


a C compiler to make libsoldout.

the 9base package or plan9port for mk and rc.

grep POSIX for parts not working with plan9 tools.


clone with git clone --recursive to clone together with libsoldout.

mk gets the ball rolling. ultimately, a static site generator is a build system and mk handles it quite well. default output directory is _site/.

posts are supposed to go to lib/*.md with a prefix of YYYY-MM-DD tag- like or something.

any configuration is done by playing with the mkfile. mk is very convenient to use if you are already familiar with GNU/BSD make.

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