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Double-deck bid euchre

Implementation is similar to the rules given by Craig Powers.

Notable differences (to match how I learned in high school calculus) include:

  • Minimum bid of hand size / 2 (which can be stuck to the dealer)
  • Trump isn't announced until after bidding has concluded
  • Shooters and loners are separate bids
    • Shooters are worth ± 1.5 * hand size points
    • Loners are worth double the hand size if you win and subtract the same as a shooter if you lose
    • Shooters are a mandatory donation (think Hearts)
    • Shooting cards to your teammate happens between trump declaration and the first hand
    • The lone player in a shooter will have spare cards at the hand's end
  • Winner of bid leads the first hand
  • Winning your bid gives you (tricks earned + 2) points

Technical Notes

  • click is the only external dependency
  • black is in requirements.txt for developers: if you submit a PR, please blacken your code first
  • --help displays the other options to customize gameplay
    • -h changes the number of players for 3 or 6 hand games
    • -v modifies the victory thresholds, useful if you're short on time
    • --all-bots lets the computer play itself and puts the output to a file
  • Running without options plays a 4-handed game with one human player in a random seat
  • There is a walrus or two, so Python 3.8 is required


See --help for all the options. It supports something like MS Hearts.exe and two Spot Hearts variants.

Future Plans

Python 3.9's upcoming a | b syntax for merging dictionaries may be helpful.


This needs someone else who is familiar with the rules to implement it or a variant


See Bridge.

Single-Deck Euchre

Maybe I'll get around to this one eventually.