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DuckDuckGo Android

Welcome to our android application. We are excited to engage the community in development, see

We are hiring!

Are you a talented cross-platform mobile developer? We are looking for a Senior Cross-Platform or Android Engineer to help shape our mobile apps. We embrace diverse perspectives, and seek out passionate, self-motivated people, committed to our shared vision of raising the standard of trust online. Visit our careers page to find out more!

Building the Project

We use git submodules and so when you are checking out the app, you'll need to ensure the submodules are initialized properly. You can use the --recursive flag when cloning the project to do this.

git clone --recursive

Alternatively, if you already have the project checked out, you can initialize the submodules manually.

git submodule update --init


Please refer to contributing.


Contact us at if you have feedback, questions or want to chat. You can also use the feedback form embedded within our Mobile App - to do so please navigate to Settings and select "Leave Feedback".


DuckDuckGo android is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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