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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ lib-face implements *Approach-4* as mentioned in the blog post. The total cost o
You can help by testing the new ```BenderRMQ``` data structure that has an O(n) space overhead and build cost and O(1) query cost. To read up on RMQ (Range Maximum Query), see [here](,%20O%281%29%20algorithm%20for%20the%20restricted%20RMQ) and [here](
-lib-face is written using C++ and uses [libuv]( and the [joyent http_parser]( to serve requests.
+lib-face is written using C++ and uses [libuv]( and the [joyent http-parser]( to serve requests.
Visit the [Quick Start Guide]( to get started now!

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