Distributed crawling prototype for DuckDuckGO
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DuckDuckGo distributed crawler (DDC) prototype

The purpose of this project is to prototype a distributed crawler for the DuckDuckGo search engine.


Basic workflow

  • A client requests a list of domains to check for spam, the server answers with a list of domains
  • The server might also add in the response additional data to ask the client to upgrade itself or the page analysis component
  • The client does the analysis on the domains, and then sends the results back to the server
  • The client request another bunch of domains to check and so on


  • It's a classic REST API
  • To get a domain list the client sends a GET request, and to post the results it sends a POST request

URL parameters:

  • version : the protocol version which defines the XML response structure, it must be incremented when a change breaks client compatibility. The server must always handle all old protocol versions, to at least to tell the clients they must upgrade
  • pc_version : the version of the page processing binary component

XML response format

It contains one of these nodes immediately above the root:

  • 'upgrades' : can contain nodes to tell the client to upgrade its components (with URL to download the new version)
  • 'domainlist' : the list of domains to check ('domain' nodes)


  • ddc_client.py : Code for a crawling worker
  • ddc_process.py : This file contains the code that simulates the binary component, currently it returns dumb results just to simulate
  • ddc_server.py : Code for the server that distributes the crawling work to the clients and gets the result from them
  • tests/single_client.sh : Bash script to do a small simulation by launching the server and connecting a client to it
  • tests/client_upgrade.sh : Bash script to simulate a client upgrade initiated by the server


Ubuntu users

On recent Ubuntu versions, you can install all dependencies by running the following command line:

sudo apt-get -V install python3 python3-httplib2

The code has only been tested on Linux but is fully OS neutral.