DuckDuckGo Instant Answer Infrastructure
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Reporting an Issue???

This repo is only for issues related to the DuckDuckHack (ZeroClickInfo) Architecture.

General DuckDuckGo issues (unrelated to our open source projects) should be reported here:, or via the "Feedback" button in the bottom right corner of the search results page.

DuckDuckHack (Core) Build Status

This repository contains the core code responsible for triggering and handling the DuckDuckHack Instant Answers. It is the base of the DuckDuckHack Instant Answer infrastructure.

If you're reporting an issue with an Instant Answer, please add the issue to an appropriate Instant Answer repo:

DuckDuckHack In Maintenance

DuckDuckHack is now in maintenance mode. We are only accepting pull requests for essential bug fixes. For more information see