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DuckDuckGo Instant Answer Infrastructure
Perl Perl6
Latest commit 47590a6 Jun 24, 2016 @zachthompson zachthompson committed on GitHub Merge pull request #195 from duckduckgo/gd/get-ia-multiple
Meta::Data - support multi-metadata lookups

DuckDuckGo (Core) Build Status

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This repository contains the core code responsible for triggering and handling the DuckDuckHack Instant Answers. It is the base of the DuckDuckHack Instant Answer infrastructure.

If you're reporting an issue with an Instant Answer, please add the issue to an appropriate Instant Answer repo (either Goodies, Spice, Fathead or Longtail). General DuckDuckGo issues (not related to our open source projects) should be reported here:

If you are interested in creating a DuckDuckGo Instant Answer please refer to our documentation:

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