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Contributing to DuckDuckGo-Documentation

At DuckDuckGo, we truly appreciate our community members taking the time to contribute to our open-source repositories. In an effort to ensure contributions are easy for you to make and for us to manage, we have written some guidelines that we ask our contributors to follow so that we can handle pull requests in a timely manner with as little friction as possible.

Getting Started

If submitting a bug/suggestion:

  • Check if a GitHub issue already exists for the given bug/suggestion
    • If one doesn't exist, create a GitHub issue in the DuckDuckGo-Documentation repository
      • Clearly describe the bug/improvement, including steps to reproduce when it is a bug
    • If one already exists, please add any additional comments you have regarding the matter

If submitting a pull request (bugfix/addition):

  • Fork the DuckDuckGo-Documentation repository on GitHub

Making Changes

  • Before making any changes, refer to the DuckDuckHack Styleguide to ensure your changes are made in the correct fashion

  • Make sure your commits are of a reasonable size. They shouldn't be too big (or too small)

  • Make sure your commit messages effectively explain what changes have been made, and please identify which Instant Answer or file has been modified: - Added the example commit message because it was missing

Submitting Changes

  • Push your changes to your fork of the repository
  • Submit a pull request to the DuckDuckGo-Documentation repository
    • Make sure to use the DuckDuckGo-Documentation repository's Pull Request template