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+ now - later — way later / partial fix ? needs investigation * fixed

# # BUGS #

needs investigation OR not workin - Some examples of queries with the OR operator: fab OR fabric command line ; "Passiflora incarnata" OR maypop care OR growing; hendrick’s vs OR versus OR comparison OR compared plymouth gin; starcraft 2 OR ii igoogle gadget text/plain of privacy policy rapgenius add email form to spread page Searching for IRS forms is usually really good (I especially like the !IRS), but for some reason the above search is useless. The first result only brings you to the instead of like most other form searches. ascii table scollbar fix ip * o shortcut when new window is on , search . search cacti bad 0-click get to spelling with k when no results - weird python docs in 0-click I tried the Simpsons page. On my iPad I can’t stretch the page with multiple-touch nor can I copy a phrase of text. Since the result for a character including image and text appears to be an image map, trying to copy a two word phrase out of a character description is not possible. some people on chrome still seeing more links Josh Triplett - no official cut down to 5 meanings I don’t even think its the number of meanings, i think its the spacing above each meaning, its a bit greater than the below spacing (if you hover over a meaning you can see that green box is off centered). If you had the above spacing the same size as the below, it would make everything a bit smaller (though more compact). By the way I am using a resolution of 1280 by 800. No amazon: block change google images default + no content type $ wget -nv -S '!w+United+States+Army'\''s+Special+Forces' + ban + 420787589101150134711522768956 usps after 8 digits + Startpage look into wikihow seatgeek




  • - add in wktionary # of edits into db / - name ? hornetmq - why not hornetq suggestion? + google inishgt searching for: rozklad pkp gives : Did you mean rozklad pkp? (suggests gramatic error l → l )

  • searching for: gramatycznie (eng. gramatically) gives: Did you mean grama tyc nie? (eng. gram(as in weight measure) get fat no - ordering of words sounds simmilary awful both in polish and english)



  • javascript char codes


/ - googly bad image - should bve fixed after next wikipedia processing / bears no redirect to bear? - not in plural disambig + q=list%20of%20house%20episodes — weird related topic:

Official site


  • kill sd_agent on aws - NEXT TIME WE DO AWS



+ piratebay gets cursor blinking faster + goodies talk about logo —  If you leave your cursor blinking on the search line with nothing typed for X amount of time, it starts displaying trending topics being search by other people, the user could then just hit enter…​I know you dont track people so I dont know how feasible this is…​ It would be cool though. + epiphany: type this into the console (alt+F2) gconftool-2 -s /apps/epiphany/general/url_search "" -t string — 1-5 keyboard shortcuts — 5 tabs all at once

karma widget

  • karma https

url rewriting

+ I like it, very nice. One thing, search for postgres python triggers and you get header saying version 8.1, but click through and you get 9.02. Maybe a (current) link next to the URL would save confusing people. Especially as if you add "8.1" to the search you still get the current version.




Safe search

turkey breast breasted suit sex ed hardcore safesearch

# # BANGS #

+would it be possible to get an !ixquick ( bang provider? if so, it’d also be nice to have !iximages and !ixvideos to just search for images or videos. +!zoho Zoho{{{s}}}&search_type=all&index_key=-1&embed=false +!xda or !xdaf XDA-Developers Forum{{{s}}}&sa=Search&cx=partner-pub-2900107662879704%3Afs7umqefhnf&ie=ISO-8859-1 +!mendeley Mendeley{{{s}}} +!citeul CikeULike{{{s}}} +!bang for +!allmovie +!bitsnoop BitSnoop{{{s}}}/c/d/1/ +!netflix Netflix{{{s}}} +!startrek Memory Alpha{{{s}}} +!boardgamegeek BoardGameGeek{{{s}}} +!bgg BoardGameGeek{{{s}}} +!memoryalpha Memory Alpha{{{s}}} +!d20, !d20srd, and !d&d would be obvious bangs. +!diigo Diigo{{{s}}} +!grave Find A Grave{{{s}}} +!flickpeek Flickpeek{{{s}}} +!charitynavigator (or !charity) Charity Navigator{{{s}}} +!pinvoke{{{s}}} +Helpful !bang keywords might be "!recycle" or "!earth911".{{{s}}} +!hulu Hulu{{{s}}} +!tivo TiVo{{{s}}} +!dfman DragonFly BSD manual pages{{{s}}} &section=ANY +!nbsdman NetBSD manual pages{{{s}}} +!mercadolivre Mercado Livre{{{s}}} +mapquest, ovi maps, yahoo maps +!captaincrawl CaptainCrawl{{{s}}} +!dcc{{{s}}} +!dictcc{{{s}}} +!otran{{{s}}} +@duckduckgo how about a coordinates bang? So that I can e.g. quickly find 38.889, -94.703 on osm? +!nametoolkit NameToolkit{{{s}}} +! +!vandale vandale{{{s}}} -localize gn, gi & gv -pubmed +switch !define to


Improve results

dishwasher review

No results

Been using duck duck go for a couple of weeks now, one thing which I think would be useful is if someone enters a full URL into the results and nothing comes up, prompt them to use the !cache bang syntax. Obviously I can remember to type this before I paste in the URL, but I often forget.


+ calendar + seatgeek / temperature chicago + symbol !bang + - Would like to see TLD searches work in zero-click. Type "il" and it shows Isreal, for example. Thanks Gabriel! - A potentially useful addition would be to recognise the codes from various ISO standards – ISO 639 and ISO 639-3, ISO 4217, ISO 3166 and ISO 3166-2, ISO 15924 – as found in the Debian ‘iso-codes’ data package — no similar characters


? @duckduckgo Suggestion x-webkit-speech attr on srch box;listen for webkitspeechchange;style ::-webkit-input-speech-button


  • (A gear for settings, candy for goodies, and butter knife for spread? :D)


  • I’ve currently set all links to open in a new window. However, I want (at times; mostly for 0-click links) things to open in the same window. Is is it possible to provide an override? So something like if Alt is pressed, then negate the user’s preference?

# # KNOWN BUGS #’s & refresh, hangs Chrome; seems like a Chromium bug since it works in other browsers and never hits nginx


from Address bar: Where is this specific page that I know exists but I don’t know its URL? Examples: usps hold mail form google closure compiler Reference: What is the answer to this specific, unambiguous question? Examples: 2010 ira contribution limit hotmail iPhone setup Guide: Where is some good information on a specific topic? Examples: electrical outlet wiring glass kettle safe on gas stove Product research: What are some opinions, recommendations, reviews, or even general information for a certain kind of product or need, even a specific one? large sensor compact camera garage door opener review

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