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This repository has been deprecated. Our current Firefox extension can be found at:

DuckDuckGo enhancements for Firefox.

This addon can

  • add a handy DuckDuckGo toolbar button to your browser for easy access to !bang tags (removable).
  • add DuckDuckGo as your default search engine through the address bar, search bar and context right-click menu (reversible).
  • show DuckDuckGo instant answers on Google/Bing (removable).

Setting the partner parameter

First of all, there is a PARTNER_QUERY_ADDITION constant in lib/main.js that should be set to something like &t=partnerid in order to function properly.

Also, you might want to add the t parameter to the search engine definition which is located at data/search.xml. It usually has a form of <Param name="t" value="partnerid"/>.

You can easily automate both these steps by running

$ make partnerxpi PARTNER_ID=partnerid

which will do both steps for you and provided that you have the Add-on SDK installed it will try to build it for you into a file ddg_for_firefox-partnerid.xpi.


jpm is required.

  • Install through node: npm install jpm
  • Update PATH: export PATH="$HOME/node_modules/.bin/:$PATH"

Find more information on MDN

Testing Checklist

Since we don't yet have automated tests, here is a checklist of manual tests to perform:

  • Extension installs

  • Popup opens

  • Search box is empty

  • Search works and defaults to DDG

  • Click a bang, the bang is added to the search box

  • Click another bang, the bang in the search box is replaced

  • Search with bang works

  • Expand/collapse button on right of search hides the bang options

  • Click "I'm feeling ducky" and search. Redirects to first organic

  • Modified options, both in the popup and in the options.html page, are saved

  • When safe search is unchecked, the URL for a search contains the &kp=-1 parameter

  • When "remember last search" is checked, on popup open the search box will contain the last performed search