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+L<DuckDuckGo|> is a release platform for
+L<DuckDuckGo|> open source code.
+DuckPAN also contains a suite of tools for testing and debugging ZeroClickInfo
+DuckPAN is an application built to provide developers a testing environment
+for the ZeroClickInfo Plugins. It allows users to test plugin triggers,
+and lets you preview their visual design.
+ duckpan installdeps
+ # Install all requirements of the specific DuckDuckHack project (if
+ # possible), like zeroclickinfo-spice, zeroclickinfo-goodie, duckduckgo
+ # or community-platform
duckpan check
- # Check for the requirements to make duckpan contributions
+ # Check if you fulfill all requirements for the development
+ # environment (this is run automatically during setup)
duckpan query
- # Fire up your own CLI DuckDuckGo to test goodies
- # Use it in the zeroclickinfo-goodies repository root
+ # Test goodies and spice triggers interactively on the command line
duckpan server
- # Fire up your own Webserver that acts like DuckDuckGo to test
- # spice (and goodies if you like). Use it in the
- # zeroclickinfo-spice repository root
+ # Test spice plugins on a local web server (for design/layout purposes)
+ duckpan env
+ # View env commands and also shows the env variables currently stored in ~/.duckpan/env.ini
- duckpan help <command>
- # Getting help
+ duckpan env <name> <value>
+ # Add an environment variable that duckpan will remember. Useful for
+ # spice API keys. Variables are stored in ~/.duckpan/env.ini
- # TODO
- duckpan test
- #######
+ duckpan env <name>
+ # Retrieve the matching key for a given env variable.
- # For the followings you need an account at
+ duckpan env rm <name>
+ # Remove an environment variable from duckpan
+ # For the followings you need an account at L<>
- # TODO
duckpan release
- #######
+ # Release the project of the current directory to DuckPAN
- # BETA
duckpan setup
# Setup your environment for using Dist::Zilla::Plugin::UploadToDuckPAN
- #######
+=head1 SUPPORT
+Issue Tracker: L<>
+IRC: #duckduckgo on (join us!)
-L<DuckPAN|> is a project of L<DuckDuckGo|>
-trying to make a release platform for the contributions to DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo
-is a search engine, using so a so called Zero-click Info to spice the search result
-with a very specific result, for example 2+2 or 200 USD to EUR. In this concept
-there is like a nearly unlimited option of what contributions are possible. Beside
-gathering those Zero-click Info plugins, we also want to use it to store all
-released style projects of DuckDuckGo (for example opensource browser plugins and
-the other user contributed tools).
+Pull requests and additional contributors are welcome
-We are still in the buildup of all this, but you may contact us in the channel
-mentioned in the SUPPORT section down under. So anything can change, but we try to
-keep this client and already implemented features stable.
=head1 SEE ALSO
@@ -371,18 +391,3 @@ L<>
-=head1 SUPPORT
- Join us on #duckduckgo on
- Pull request and additional contributors are welcome
-Issue Tracker

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