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DuckPAN and DuckDuckGo OpenSource Development Application
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DuckPAN is an application built to provide developers a testing environment for the ZeroClickInfo Plugins. It allows users to test plugin triggers, and lets you preview their visual design.

Installing DuckPAN

curl | perl

This script will setup local::lib, which is a way to install Perl modules without changing your base Perl installation. (If you already use local::lib or perlbrew, don't worry, this script will intelligently use what you already have).

If you didn't have a local::lib before running the install script, you will need to run the script twice. It should tell you when like this:

please now re-login to your user account and run it again!

If everything works, you should see this at the end:

EVERYTHING OK! You can now go hacking! :)

Note that with local::lib now installed, you can easily install Perl modules with cpanm.

cpanm App::DuckPAN
App::DuckPAN is up to date.

Using DuckPAN

Install commands

duckpan installdeps

Install all requirements of the specific DuckDuckHack project (if possible), like zeroclickinfo-spice, zeroclickinfo-goodie, duckduckgo or community-platform

duckpan check

Check if you fulfill all requirements for the development environment (this is run automatically during setup)

Plugin testing

duckpan query

Test goodies and spice triggers interactively on the command line

duckpan server

Test spice plugins on a local web server (for design/layout purposes)

Advanced features

duckpan env

View env commands and also shows the env variables currently stored in ~/.duckpan/env.ini

duckpan env <name> <value>

Add an environment variable that duckpan will remember. Useful for spice API keys. Variables are stored in ~/.duckpan/env.ini

duckpan env <name>

Retrieve the matching key for a given env variable.

duckpan env rm <name>

Remove an environment variable from duckpan

duckpan release

Release the project of the current directory to DuckPAN

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