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* Add apple discussions fathead (stats v)

Add interval to code.

👌 this time.

Use strict mode, add var to urls

add strict mode

add strict mode

Update codebase.

Update req.

Fix commits.



* Update

* Update

* Strip "Q: " from article titles

* Update parser.

* Update Parser.

* Delete output.txt

* Delete urls.txt

Welcome to DuckDuckHack!

We're a community of open source developers from around the world, contributing code to improve the DuckDuckGo search engine.

How to contribute

What are Fathead Instant Answers?

A set of key-value pairs, stored in a database. Fatheads provide unique answers (values) to a specific set of queries (keys). The key-value pairs are generated by parsing static data sources, such as technical documentation.

Example: CSS Fathead

css background-position search