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* Added Examples Template

* Added examples for all topics of numpy

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* using highlight-python to get examples

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Welcome to DuckDuckHack!

We're a community of open source developers from around the world, contributing code to improve the DuckDuckGo search engine.

The Programming Mission

We want every programming search to have great results, providing the information you need instantly. The Programming Mission empowers the community to create Instant Answers for reference, libraries, help, and tools.

For now, we are only accepting Pull Requests and Issues related to the Programming Mission.

How to contribute

What are Fathead Instant Answers?

A set of key-value pairs, stored in a database. Fatheads provide unique answers (values) to a specific set of queries (keys). The key-value pairs are generated by parsing static data sources, such as technical documentation.

Example: CSS Fathead

css background-position search