Fix for Mercurial Anchor Text Links #42

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boyter commented Feb 5, 2013

Fix for Mercurial Anchor Text Links

rpicard commented Feb 8, 2013

Awesome! I'm out of town this weekend, but I'll get this going when I get back.

rpicard commented Feb 21, 2013

It looks like this one is still in the old code format. It'll need to be rearranged according to the current README guidelines.

Here's an example line from the output:

hg version  hg version  hg version  output version and copyright information    mercurial   en

@boyter can you update this to use the new format?

djinn commented Nov 12, 2013

@hunterlang Please could we close the PR since the @boyter has not responded?

@hunterlang hunterlang closed this Nov 12, 2013
yegg commented Nov 12, 2013

If there is partial work done in some of these pull requests, should we really be closing them -- or should we at least have some kind of abandoned section on the community platform that references them? cc @moollaza @zekiel


I think what @jagtalon had done to some of the stale Spice PR's was push them to a branch and then close the PR so the work isn't lost. The same would probably work here.


I'll make a branch.


Here's the code if anyone from the community is interested: :)

boyter commented Nov 12, 2013

Sorry about this guys. The last 9 months have been hectic. I will see what I can do about fixing it in the next day or so.


@boyter No problem! There's no rush. We'll be here to help whenever if you run into anything.

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