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anoved commented Nov 18, 2011

Per the request for more programming documentation, here is a rudimentary reference fathead for my favorite misunderstood language, Tcl. It outputs the more concise programming data file format, although I'm not sure of the difference between description and details (I leave the details blank).


anoved commented Nov 21, 2011

Sample output.txt on Gist:


yegg commented Apr 14, 2012

Sorry for the massive delay here, but can you please re-issue a request that we can automatically pull in, i.e. not pared down to just your modules?


anoved commented Apr 15, 2012

I'd like to, but I'm afraid I might be in over my head in unfamiliar git territory. I've tried to restore my fork to the full zeroclickinfo-fathead repository with git fetch upstream and git merge upstream/master, but even so I still see fewer modules in my fork than in the duckduckgo master. Any tips you could spare to get me on track and ready to re-issue a pull request would be appreciated.


yegg commented Apr 15, 2012

I think the easiest way would be to re-fork, then copy and paste the new files in -- essentially start a new history.

anoved closed this Apr 15, 2012

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New MDN CSS Fathead #231

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