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package DDG::Goodie::Average;
# ABSTRACT: take statistics for a list of numbers
use strict;
use DDG::Goodie;
triggers startend => "avg", "average", "mean", "median", "root mean square";
zci is_cached => 1;
zci answer_type => "average";
primary_example_queries 'average 12, 45, 78, 1234';
secondary_example_queries 'avg 1,2,3', 'root mean square 1,2,3';
description 'take the average of a list of numbers';
name 'Average';
code_url '';
category 'calculations';
topics 'math';
attribution twitter => ['crazedpsyc','crazedpsyc'],
cpan => ['CRZEDPSYC','crazedpsyc'];
handle remainder => sub {
#Remove leading/trailing text from list of numbers
#Ensure numbers are space-delimited
s/[;,\s{}\[\]\(\)]+/ /g;
#Return unless only left with space-delimited list of numbers
return unless /^\s*(?:\d+(?:\.\d+)?\s?)*$/;
#Get numbers into an array
my @nums = split ' ', $_;
#Must have at least two numbers
return unless @nums > 1;
# initialize the sum
my $sum;
# calculate the sum
$sum += $_ for @nums;
# get the length of the array
my $len = @nums;
# calculate the mean
my $mean = $sum/$len;
# sort the list numerically, least to greatest
@nums = sort { $a <=> $b } @nums;
my $med;
if ($len % 2 eq 0) {
# get the two middle numbers, since the
# length is even, and calculate their mean
$med = ($nums[$len/2] + $nums[$len/2-1])/2;
} else {
# get the middle number
$med = $nums[int($len/2)]
my $rms;
$rms += ($_ ** 2) for @nums;
$rms /= $len;
$rms = sqrt $rms;
return "Mean: $mean; Median: $med; Root Mean Square: $rms", html => "<div class='average--container'><div><span class='average--key'>Mean:</span> <span class='average--value'>$mean</span></div> <div><span class='average--key'>Median:</span> <span class='average--value'>$med</span></div> <div><span class='average--key'>Root Mean Square:</span> <span class='average--value'>$rms</span></div></div>";
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