unicode goodie does not take unicode input during duckpan goodie test #101

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Query: unicode U+2000

DDG::ZeroClickInfo  {
    Parents       WWW::DuckDuckGo::ZeroClickInfo
    Linear @ISA   DDG::ZeroClickInfo, WWW::DuckDuckGo::ZeroClickInfo, Moo::Object
    public methods (4) : has_ttl, is_cached, new, ttl
    private methods (0)
    internals: {
        answer   "  U+2000 EN QUAD, decimal: 8192, HTML:  , UTF-8: 0xE2 0x80 0x80, block: General Punctuation, decomposition: U+2002",
        answer_type   "unicode_conversion",
        is_cached   1

Query: unicode ü

Sorry, no hit on your goodies

I'm writing a IDN/Punycode goodie, but I'm not sure how to test it for Unicode input as 'goodie test' does not appear to handle it correctly.


Please upgrade your duckpan client ( execute: duckpan duckpan, in latest version you can then do duckpan upgrade), we fixed this problem a time ago.

@Getty Getty closed this Jun 7, 2012

I only installed half an hour ago:

peter@teslacoil:~$ duckpan duckpan
You already have latest version of App::DuckPAN with 0.041
peter@teslacoil:~$ duckpan upgrade
You already have latest version of App::DuckPAN with 0.041
You already have latest version of DDG with 0.042

Oh and please use: duckpan query instead of duckpan goodie test, duckpan goodie test is deprecated method


Mh ok i check


duckpan query works! I suggest updating http://duckduckhack.com/#testing-triggers to reflect this deprecation. Thanks!


OH! ok, actually I get an error myself on duckpan query with unicode ;) but if it works for you then its fine for the moment, thanks for the hints on the docs, i thought both still work identical, will fix that.

@Getty Getty reopened this Jun 7, 2012

extra suggestion: put "[WARNING] Please use duckpan query to cover all plugins!" (in duckpan goodie test) after the list of plugins so it doesn't scroll out of moderately sized terminal windows

DuckDuckGo member

The unicode error has been resolved, and the duckpan goodie command entirely marked depreciated with a pointer to duckpan query for some time now, so I'm closing this issue.

@majuscule majuscule closed this Feb 7, 2013
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