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yegg commented Apr 23, 2012

Query: days between 1/1/2000 1/1/2001
reports: 366 days between

I suppose that means inclusive? We should note this or present both options like

365 (in between), 366 days (inclusive), 364 (not counting either end)


Should these be keywords or just output all 3 of those options when someone does days between?

yegg commented Apr 23, 2012

I'm thinking output all -- what do you think?


Yeah thats works. Not much output anywho, so it won't look too bad
Also, so should it not output a sentence anymore. Commit 0110da4


2000 was a leap year. Adding "inclusive" to the query forces inclusive. I do agree that showing all would be nice though.

koosha-- commented Dec 8, 2012

Should this issue be still open?

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Apple reference missing stuff #52

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