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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
# These modules are necessary for the functions we'll be running.
use Test::More;
use DDG::Test::Spice;
# This is the name of the Spice will be loaded to test.
# This is a sample query, just like the user will enter into the DuckDuckGo
# search box.
'619 xkcd' => test_spice(
# The first argument is the Spice callback. It includes the javascript
# endpoint and the argument list contructed by the Perl code. In this
# case, the endpoint is '/js/spice/xkcd/display/', and the argument returned by
# the Perl code is 619.
# This is the Spice calltype. It's almost always set to 'include',
# except for some special cases like FlashVersion which don't make a
# normal API call.
call_type => 'include',
# This is the Spice that should be triggered by the query.
caller => 'DDG::Spice::Xkcd::Display',
# You should include more test cases here. Try to think of ways that your
# instant answer might break, and add them here to ensure they won't. Here are is
# another that is tested for this Spice.
'xkcd' => test_spice(
call_type => 'include',
caller => 'DDG::Spice::Xkcd::Display',
alt_to_test('DDG::Spice::Xkcd::Display', ['latest']);
# This function call is expected by Test::More. It makes sure the program
# doesn't exit before all the tests have been run.
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