JavaScript Error IE9 Windows 7 Spice Trigger Issue #132

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Windows 7 x64
Chrome 24.0.1312.52 m
Trigger text "ios 6"

Encountered the following error, for IE9. Searching for ios 6 triggers the below.

Line: 1
Error: 'ddg_spice_search_code' is undefined

ddg_spice_search_code({"results":[{"name":"dateFromComponents:","namespace":"NSCalendar.dateFromComponents:","url":"http:\/\/\/\/library\/ios\/documentation\/Cocoa\/Reference\/Foundation\/Classes\/NSCalendar_Class\/ReferenceNSCalendar.html#\/\/apple_ref\/occ\/instm\/NSCalendar\/dateFromComponents:","description":"Returns a new NSDate object representing the absolute time calculated from given components. When there are insufficient components provided to completely specify an absolute time, a calendar uses default values of its choice. When there is inconsistent information, a calendar may ignore some of the components parameters or the method may return nil. Unnecessary components are ignored (for example, Day takes precedence over Weekday and Weekday ordinals). The following example shows how to use this method to create a date object to represent 14:10:00 on 6 January 1965, for a given calendar (gregorian). Note that some computations can take a relatively long time to perform. Available in iOS 2.0 and later.","synopsis":"(NSDate *)dateFromComponents:(NSDateComponents *)comps","type":"appleios","icon":"apple.ico","displayname":"Mac iOS Reference","modeltype":"function","rank":9}],"page":0,"total":"1","searchterm":"ios 6","query":"ios 6","matchterm":"ios 6","cleanterm":"","generalregex":"","regex":"","nextpage":1,"previouspage":null})

If you step through the spice code it renders as expected. Rerun and its call cached so no issues there. Clear cache and rerun you can repeat the above.

DuckDuckGo member

Seem to no longer be an issue. This query shouldn't trigger a request to SearchCode anyways as its such a vague query.


@moollaza moollaza closed this Jan 21, 2014
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