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Switch Twitter to word trigger, update README accordingly. #144

moollaza opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Zaahir Moolla Jag Talon
Zaahir Moolla

Just realized that Twitter is using a regex and only matches very specific queries. We should really switch it to a word trigger so it triggers on "@".

If this change is made the DuckDuckHack documentation will also need to be updated accordingly.

We should also probably make a twitter search spice so "twitter Zaahir Moolla" would search for users with that name and return a list of possible matches (similar to Google+)

I'm not sure if all that's possible but it would be nice.

Zaahir Moolla

Twitter spice has since been become an interna DDG Spice due to their API changing.

Zaahir Moolla moollaza closed this
Jag Talon

@moollaza nice one. Out Twitter endpoint was actually down yesterday, but it's up now. :)

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