Switch Twitter to word trigger, update README accordingly. #144

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Just realized that Twitter is using a regex and only matches very specific queries. We should really switch it to a word trigger so it triggers on "@".

If this change is made the DuckDuckHack documentation will also need to be updated accordingly.

We should also probably make a twitter search spice so "twitter Zaahir Moolla" would search for users with that name and return a list of possible matches (similar to Google+)

I'm not sure if all that's possible but it would be nice.

DuckDuckGo member

Twitter spice has since been become an interna DDG Spice due to their API changing.

@moollaza moollaza closed this Jan 21, 2014
DuckDuckGo member

@moollaza nice one. Out Twitter endpoint was actually down yesterday, but it's up now. :) https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%40duckduckgo

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