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Well hi there!

This is an experimental (you're used to this word with me by now, aren't you?) entry for Ludum Dare 22. I've always wanted to make an entry to that contest, and today I was like FUCK YEAH I feel like doing ooc all night, so there we go.

How to build it?

Clone it, go to libs/, clone the following:

Then source "devrc" (or just export OOC_LIBS=path-to-alone/libs), hit rock -v in the root directory and you're good to go!

What is there to play?

Game controls

Left/Right arrow = walk Space = jump Backspace = try a level again

Level editor controls

F12 = switch editor mode on/off

In idle mode

F1 = load level (esc to cancel, enter to confirm) F2 = save level F3 = rename level F4 = change minimum kills to win F5 = change welcome message F6 = change win message F7 = change next level (enter "" for last level)

In drop mode

Left/right arrow cycle between droppables Right click also cycles between droppables Left click drops

Start and end points are unique, you can drag them around as you want (useful for end point to position the rocket ship right)

Vacuums are oriented, click to position, hold and drag to rotate it the way you want.

Swarms can be sized however you want, click to position, hold and drag to change the radius however you want.

In decor mode, use 'F1' to choose your own svg file. There's no way to move a decor once dropped, sorry (we had to edit json files by hand, it's pretty cool)

Config file

You can adjust the resolution with screenX/screenY, and change the initial level (see comments) in alone.config