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Ruby REPL using DRb
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To install:
 1) Clone this repo
 2) Install the highline gem for ruby 1.9: `sudo gem install highline`
 3) open two terminals and go to the directory this repo is in
 4) run ./server.rb in one
 5) run ./client.rb in the other

How it works:
 drepl uses the DRb (Distributed Ruby) gem to allow client.rb to access an
 instance of the DRbRepl class in server.rb.
 Ruby uses message passing for method calls, so DRb allows you to use that over
 a network, allowing you to have a program with a repl that can be remotely
 accessed, which drepl aims to be a basic implementation of.
 Yes, basic. It's only over 130 lines. ;)
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