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First file to look at:
Author: <james@lappy>
Date: 2009-12-22 03:50:45 Local time zone must be set--see zic manual page
<duckinator> nixeagle: src/metodo/init/init.c
Table of Contents
1 Build
2 Emacs
3 start.asm
3.1 Multiboot complience
4 Terms
1 Build
make cross compiler
cd tools/cross;make;cd -
run kernel
cd ../../;scons;./
Don't forget to read []
export ~/duxcc:~/duxcc/bin:~/duxincludes
Export these to your path, using zsh the command is:
path=( ~/duxcc ~/duxcc/bin ~/duxincludes $path)
Be sure to put this in your ~/.zshenv
2 Emacs
Make sure your indention is set to use tabs for C mode instead of
(add-hook 'c-mode-hook (lambda () (setq indent-tabs-mode t)))
3 start.asm
First thing that needs done is setting up grub. [1] Dux loads
directly, no _grub_ chain loading. [2] Because dux is multiboot
complient [3]the very first bit of asm after declaring a few external
functions is the multiboot header.
3.1 Multiboot complience
Multiboot complience means including an additional header within the
_first_ 8192 bytes of the OS image that is [longword] aligned. The
header layout is specified at [header layout]. Three of the fields are
required [magic], flags, and checksum. [4] Flags is 32 bits used to
indicate requirements to the bootloader.[5] Read up on the rest.
[header layout]:
[magic]: magic field
4 Terms
longword: 32 bit aligned
magic field: 0x1BADB002 used to identify the multiboot
header. This is offset 0.
[1] Grub docs at [\_Top]
[2] Multi-boot according to duckinator is described in
[3] [Multiboot specifiction]
[4] checksum's against the other two required flags
[5] Dux asks for `MODULEALIGN | MEMINFO'
[Multiboot specifiction]:
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