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An open source flash player implementation

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To compile this software you need to install development packages for llvm-2.8,
opengl, curl, zlib, libavcodec, libglew, pcre.
If sound is enabled (on by default), you will also need the development package
for pulseaudio-libs and/or libsdl.
If the browser plugin is enabled (on by default), you will need the development
package for xulrunner.
Install also cmake and nasm.
Lightspark depends on an updated version of libxml++ (at least version 2.33.1).
If an older version of libxml++ must be supported the following commits must be backported:

To build the software please follow these steps.

1) cd lightspark
2) mkdir objs
3) cd objs
4) cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
5) make
6) sudo make install

To enable debug mode change the cmake command like this:
4b) cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug

CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE available: Debug Release RelWithDebInfo Profile
Sound support may be disabled using the following option: -DENABLE_SOUND=0
The audio backend can be set using -DAUDIO_BACKEND=<pulseaudio|sdl> (default is pulseaudio)

Using `make install`, lightspark is installed in the system wide Firefox plugin
path and Firefox should show it in the about:plugins list and in the
Tools->Add-ons->Plugins window.

Lightspark registers itself as the plugin for application/x-shockwave-flash and
for application/x-lightspark, so it should be recognisable in the about:plugins
page. Its description string is "Shockwave Flash 10.2 r<current version>". The
current version is now "r450".

Firefox is not able to deal very well with multiple plugins for the same MIME
type. If you only see a black box where a flash app should be try to remove any
other flash plugin you have installed.

You may try it on some known-to-work movies:
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