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ooc interpreter in ruby. Purely for shits and giggles and possibly experimentation. Don't assume it's entirely compliant.
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ooc-in-ruby: ooc interpreter written primarily in ruby

...and a lot of automagically-generated C. The hell if I'm duplicating all of that.

The idea is to write as much of it as possible in ruby.

I gave up writing a custom parser for now, so it uses nagaqueen. Hellooooo, 9,350 SLOC of generated C, tied together with 33 SLOC of hand-written C.

Good news: this means I should be albe to get away with ./ && ./generate-boilerplate.rb and coding some ruby any time nagaqueen changes.

Building it

Here's all the files related to generating the shitton of C and compiling it all.

  • ./util/ tries to find NagaQueen.c, copies it to ./nagaqueen/nagaqueen.c.
  • ./util/generate-boilerplate.rb: generates approximately 960 lines of ruby/C interop boilerplate in ./nagaqueen/boilerplate.h.
  • ./util/generate-nagaqueen-boilerplate.rb: generates approximately 590 lines of ruby/C interop boilerplate in ./lib/nagaqueen-methods.rb.
  • ./build.rb: builds this monstrous thing.
  • ./test.rb: test this monstrous thing.

In most cases, all you should need is ./build.rb and ./test.rb.

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