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Parvos is an operating system started Dec 1 2010.

Due to what was learned with dux, I have decided to go with a microkernel design.

Parvos - Latin for "tiny"

Build dependencies

  • clang (C compiler; version 2.8 is known to work)
  • nasm (assembler; version 2.08.01 is known to work)
  • ld (linker, from binutils 2.20.1 is known to work but it should work if it can link an elf binary)
  • GNU make (build system)
  • bash/sh (shell scripts and utilities)


Parvos' source is released under the MIT license (see COPYING). All code in Parvos should be released under the license as outlined in COPYING.

If you have a module which you do not plan to release under the aforementioned license, please do not add it to this repository, but release it in its own repository and add a link to the REPOSITORIES file in the following format:

repo   git://

with link being the link to a page about the module (optional), repo being the repository it is in (required), author being your name and email (required), and date being the date and time (including time zone) it was added.

Legal conditions for submitting changes

By requesting for a file and/or patch to be added to the duckinator/parvos repository on github, you agree to one of the following:

  • you wrote the code and release it under the MIT license as written in COPYING
  • you have been given explicit permission to release the code under the MIT license as written in COPYING
  • the code is public domain, and you have verifiable proof of such

as well as all of the following:

  1. the code does not, to the best of your knowledge, violate any intellectual property or copyright claims in any region
  2. all intellectual property and/or copyright claims for code you submit are forwarded to you (or the author, if you submit the code for a third party)
  3. you (or the author) give permission for the code you provide to be released under the MIT license as written in the COPYING file
  4. if an intellectual property and/or copyright claim arrises over your code, the code will be removed, no matter the resulting stability of the software

Submitting fixes/changes/etc

Fork this repository, then in your fork:

  1. switch to a new branch for what you are working on (git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME)
  2. make changes
  3. commit
  4. submit a pull request with an explanation of what the changes are
  5. notify me about on irc and/or twitter if i don't respond on github within 2 days
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