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TinyWM is written by Nick Welch <>, 2005.
TinyWM is a ridiculously tiny window manager implemented in nearly as few lines
of C as possible, without being obfuscated or entirely useless. It allows you
to move, resize, focus (sloppy), and raise windows -- that's it! TinyWM's main
purpose is to serve as a quick example of some window manager programming
Makefile: highly advanced build system
tinywm.c: the code
annotated.c: same, but with tons of rambling comments about everything a python version (requires CVS python-xlib due to a bug)
Focus follows pointer.
Alt+Button1, drag: interactive window move
Alt+Button3, drag: interactive window resize
Alt+F1: raise focused window
A fella by the name of Trent Buck made a lisp version:
I have started a wiki about window manager development, although I'm not sure
the subject is popular enough for the wiki to keep from dying a horrible
death. In any case, it is here:
Another very small window manager is failsafewm. Originally I started
hacking on it, as there was quite a bit of stuff in it that I thought was
unneeded, and I wound up rewriting it from scratch, with just the bare
necessities -- that's TinyWM.
Yet another small -- but in comparison, big -- window manager is aewm. It's
a good example for learning about window management, and the fact that so
many WMs have spawned from it is proof.
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