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["a" "b" 3 4]


Lambdas are merely a block of code that accepts arguments, if you just need a block, then leave the argument array empty. Lambdas return the last value. |arg1 arg2| ; code .

String Interpolation

pultio uses ruby-style string interpolation, ie: a = "foo". b = "bar". print "#{a}#{b}". is the same as a = "foo". b = "bar". print (join '' a b).

Variable Definition

a-list = ["abc" "def"].

Operator Overloading

[ x ] -> list x.
a + b -> add a b.

Function Definition

Functions are variables defined as a lambda ;; joins /str1/ and /str2/ with a space, and print the resulting string function1 = |str1 str2| string = join " " [str1 str2]. print string. .

;; joins all items in /list/ with spaces, and print the resulting string
function2 = |list|
  string = join " " list.
  print string.

Function Calling

function1 ["foo" "bar"].

Throwing It Together

; Define a-list
a-list = ["abc" "def"].

; combine each item in a-list with a space, and prints them
function2 a-list.

; combine each item in ['foo' 'bar'] with a space, and prints them
function2 ["foo" "bar"].


This is just a quick layout for the AST.


["a" "b" 3 4]

would become [:list, [:string, "a"], [:string, "b"], [:number, 3], [:number, 4]]

Function calls

add 1 2.

would become [:call, 'add', [:number, 1], [:number, 2]]


; we assume "a + b" is defined as "add a b"
|arg1 arg2|
  arg1 + arg2.

would become [:lambda, [[:argument, "arg1"], [:argument, "arg2"]], [:call, [:variable, "add"], [:variable, "arg1"], [:variable, "arg2"]]]

Variable definitions

variable-name = "value"

would become [:define, "variable-name", "value"]

Function definitions, aka variables defined as lambdas

function-name = |arg1 arg2|
  arg1 + arg2.

would become [:define, "function-name", [:lambda, [[:argument, "arg1"], [:argument, "arg2"]], [:call, [:variable, "+"], [:variable, "arg1"], [:variable, "arg2"]]]]


["a" "b" 1 2]

would become [:list, [:string, "a"], [:string, "b"], [:number, 1], [:number, 2]]