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a Control Building Framework for Script# and jQuery
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Sharp UI is a control building framework for Script# ( and jQuery.

The goal of the project is to enable basic reusability and encapsulation
(a la the "user control" paradigm in WPF or ASP.NET) when building 
client-side HTML user interface controls in Script# with jQuery.

For live sample application see here:

Features (or beneficial consequences) include:
 * Ability to construct reusable controls using
   HTML fragments and C# (Script#) codebehind.
 * Ability to separate logic from layout by using .html(.cs) file pairs
   and partial classes.
 * Support for locally-scoped CSS through CSS rewriting.
 * Support for locally-identified elements through ID rewriting.
 * Automatic binding of member fields to named elements.
 * Support for nested instantiations -- controls can declare instances of other controls.
 * Support for container controls and preservation of nested/inner content.
 * AddedToDocument & RemovedFromDocument events.
 * Replication of standard "mouse capture" behavior.

Detailed documentation is pending. In the mean time please inspect the example
code, or contact me on Twitter at @duckmaestro.
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