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forked from bagwanpankaj/zipper

Url shortener client for terminal, written in go

Updated Mar 30, 2014

JavaScript 0 19


forked from bagwanpankaj/humongous

An standalone Mongo Browser for Ruby, using HTML5. Just run and forget.

Updated Mar 23, 2014

Ruby 0 2


forked from bagwanpankaj/avataree

Ruby DSL for Gravatar profile and images

Updated Mar 22, 2014

Ruby 0 5


forked from bagwanpankaj/shortly

A Ruby wrapper for various url shortener services

Updated Mar 22, 2014

JavaScript 0 3,510


forked from mozilla/pdf.js

PDF Reader in JavaScript

Updated Sep 14, 2012

JavaScript 0 8,795


forked from bagwanpankaj/reveal.js

The HTML Presentation Framework

Updated Sep 11, 2012

JavaScript 0 604


forked from bagwanpankaj/deck.js

Modern HTML Presentations

Updated Aug 21, 2012

JavaScript 0 6,172


forked from impress/impress.js

It's a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers and inspired by the idea behind

Updated Aug 10, 2012

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