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Autocento of the breakfast table: a README

Part I: in which our hero explains the goal

The goal in this book, Autocento of the breakfast table, is to explore the workings of revision and recursion through words, both in the head and on paper. It's a hypertextual imagining of how things could have been, in all of their possibilities.

Part II: How to use this repo

This project uses John McFarlane's wonderful program pandoc, and its markdown flavor, to encode the poems and stories and things contained within. To see the source text files, navigate to the src/ folder.

At the top of each file, there is a YAML metadata block that looks something like this:

title: Title of article
id: file-name-without-extension
subtitle: Subtitle                           # optional
genre: verse                                 # verse or prose

epigraph:                                    # optional
    content: 'Content of epigraph'             # req'd if epigraph exists
    link: 'http://link-to-epigraph-source/'    # optional
    attrib: 'Epigraph attribution'             # optional

dedication: my mother                        # optional

ekphrastic:                                  # optional image ekphrastic
    image: 'link-to-image.ext'
    title: 'Text for title text of image'
    link: 'http://link-to-host-of-original/'
    class: css class(es) for the image

    title: Original project name
    order: 1                                 # page number, optional
    prev:                                    # optional
    - title: Title of previous thing in original project
      link: link to that thing
    - title: Title of other previous thing
      link: link to that thing
    next:                                    #optional
    - title: Title of next thing in original project
      link: link to that thing
    - title: Title of other next thing
      link: link to that thing

To compile all the markdown into glorious, glorious HTML (visible at, run make all in the src directory of this repository. (Windows users: get a UNIX shell. I'm over it.)