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This is simple maven plugin that allows to execute sequence of ddl statements using kiji-schema-shell as part of CI build process or from command line.


Place you ddl scripts into src/main/resources/schema/migrate, name them using ${migration-id}_${migration-name}.ddl as a convention, where ${migration-id} is date / time, i.e. "20130828163000" and ${migration-name} is some description of a change, i.e. "Add_Record_Label_Field".

Add the following to your pom:


Default values for kijiURL and migrateFolder are kiji://.env/default and ${project.basedir}/src/main/resources/schema/migrate

You can explicitly invoke the plugin by running one of the following goals:

mvn kiji-schema-migrations:generate -DmigrationName=A_Lot_Of_Changes

mvn kiji-schema-migrations:migrate

mvn kiji-schema-migrations:reset

The plugin keeps latest applied migration in user.schema.migration.version property of kiji system. To use different property you can specify migrationKey configuration parameter.

Execution of migrate goal runs all the ddl scripts that have ${migration-id} higher than latest saved one, updating migration version in kiji system after each successful execution.

Execution of reset goal sets the migration version to empty string, leaving cleanup of the schema to you. You can override the migration version to reset to by specifying migrationVersion configuration property.


In current version the unit tests are more like integration tests and require bento box running and sandbox kiji instance installed:

bento start

kiji install --kiji=kiji://.env/sandbox

mvn clean install