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  • Add to build.gradle

    • android {
      	aaptOptions {
          	noCompress "tflite"
          	noCompress "lite"
    • dependencies {
      	implementation 'org.tensorflow:tensorflow-lite:0.0.0-nightly'
  • Copy file model to assets folder

  • MainActivity

    • ImageClassifier classifier;
      ImageSegmentator segmentator;
    • Initialization:
      initTensorFlowAndLoadModel() {
      	try {
      		classifier = new ImageClassifier(getAssets());
      		segmentator = new ImageSegmentator(getAssets());
      	} catch (final Exception e) {
      		throw new RuntimeException("Error initializing TensorFlow!", e);
    • Methods:
      // push data into classifier and segmentator
      void feed(List<Bitmap>);
      void run();
      // get list of chambers correspond to fed images
      List<Integer> getChamberList();
      // get ef value
      float getEF();
      // get image that has maximum/minimum blood area
      Bitmap getMaxImage();
      Bitmap getMinImage();
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