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An Android launcher designed for use with Google Cardboard
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Cardboard Home


Cardboard Home is an Android launcher designed for use with the Google Cardboard virtual reality head mounted display. Cardboard Home is intended to replace a regular launcher when the user places their device inside a Google Cardboard viewer.

Unlike a regular Android launcher, Cardboard Home uses side by side 3D to display a launcher interface that is useable while the phone is placed in Google Cardboard. The launcher can be controlled simply by the user moving his or her head and "clicking" with the magetic ring or "hovering" over an icon to launch the corresponding application. Cardboard Home attempts to only display apps that are compatible with Google Cardboard, but in the case that it fails to list a specific app, the user can select it in the settings menus. When the user exits Cardboard Home, it brings them back to their regular launcher, making for a fairly seemless experience.

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