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Limitless LED Commands


Windows command line appliction for controlling LimitlessLED light bulbs via the Wifi bridge. Currently still a work in progress.


The idea is to build a simple command line application to allow the LimitlessLED light bulbs to be controlled from a windows computer. This would allow for easy batch scripting, and scheduling of commands.


Oh soo many things. These are the high prioriy ones.

  • Replicate the remotes
    • Add all hex codes to BridgeCommands
    • Write functions for white led remote buttons
    • Write functions for colour led remote buttons
    • Add command line arguments for each of the remote buttons
  • Add command line option for defining the bridge IP address
  • Add command line option for defining the bridge IP port (for people who change it for reasons unknown)
  • Move fancy and and user defined functions to seperate class (eg WakeUpCall, and Strobe)
  • Move the core functions commands and functions to a DLL so the code can be used in other applications
  • Replace the simple switch-case for interperting command line arguements


You want to help? Absolutely.. Just be patient with me and github.