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To create my personal website, I pulled from a variety of sources. Since I know there are others like myself that are constantly digging through source code, I figured I would save some time by organizing it for you.

Design and Layout

My website was created using a few different libraries. I imported the jQuery javascript library into main.js. Additionally, I used the Font Awesome library in my main.css file for help in creating my design.

Web Hosting

My site is hosted in an S3 bucket through Amazon Web Services. They provide great documentation for all of their tools, including a convenient guide for setting up your own static website.

I recommend registering your domain name through Route 53 on AWS. I went the extra mile and was able to easily set up an SSL certificate using the AWS Certificate Manager and create a CDN for redirecting HTTP to HTTPS using AWS CloudFront. I found this guide to be very helpful in setting all this up.

Built With

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • AWS


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