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Changelog for 0.7.0

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# Change Log

## [0.7.0]( (2019-03-01)

- Prevent warnings from the injector's `__del__`.
- InactiveDueCollector in `` now provides also `active=False`
attribute (so external tools could directly query if duecredit is
active) and no-op `activate` and `dump` for consistent API with a
`due` object whenever `duecredit` is available.
- Provide `Text` citation entry for free form text. It does not have any
meaningful rendering in BibTex but is present in text rendering.
`Url` entry also acquired text rendering with prefix `URL: `.

## [0.6.5]( (2019-02-04)

- Delay import of imports (thanks [Chris Markiewicz (@effigies)](

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