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Company Case

companycase lets you format raw company names into a neat title case while capitalising words which appear to be abbreviations.

string companycase(string)
hsbc uk bank plc HSBC UK Bank PLC
cloudera (uk) limited Cloudera (UK) Limited
kfc restaurants limited KFC Restaurants Limited
a&g holdings ltd A&G Holdings Ltd
jp morgan JP Morgan
axa insurance co. AXA Insurance Co.

companycase uses n-grams to distinguish words that are or look like dictionary words (bank, limited, cloudera, deliveroo) from words that do not (HSBC, JP, HJHJ). Words that do not tend to be acronyms in the context of a company name, and are thus capitalised.


No external packages are required. Install with

python install

or using pip with

pip install git+git://


from companycase import CompanyCase
ccase = CompanyCase(language='en')

print ccase.apply("foo bar ltd")

Tuning the model

By default, the model uses n-grams of length 2 (bigrams) over the english wordlist. These two options can be changed during initialization.

A word's score is the mean transition score for all the n-grams contained within it. If the score exceeds the threshold, the word returned title cased, or capitalized if not. The apply() method takes an additional optional argument to use a custom threshold.

>>> print ccase.apply("hello there nk")
'Hello There NK'
>>> print ccase.apply("hello there nk", threshold=0.5)

The defaults (ngram_length=2 and threshold=0.001) were chosen by evaluating the performance over a small dataset using the companycase.util.evaluate() method.

Handling case for specific words

You can also force the case for some special words using the force_case_for_words() method.

>>> ccase.force_case_for_words(['fOO'])
>>> ccase.apply('foo bar ltd')
'fOO Bar LTD'


  • Support additional languages/wordlists beyond English
  • Index on PyPI
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