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A fluent interface in C# for working with dates and times on the .NET framework
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A fluent interface in .NET for working with dates and times, inspired by ActiveSupport's active_support/core_ext/numeric/time extensions.

Do stuff like this:

var toothBrushingTime = 10.Minutes().Before(bedTime);
var lightsOutForReal = 1.Hour(30.Minutes()).After(bedTime);
Assert.That(actual, Is.LessThan(50.Milliseconds().After(expected)));
var bestDaysOfMyLife = 30.Days().Ago();
var movingAppointment = 15.May(2011).At(2).PM();
var allPlayAndNoWork = Today.At(16, 00);
var sushiTime = Yesterday.At(21, 00);
var workAgain = Tomorrow.At(08, 00);

The "Before" and "After" stuff supports both DateTime and DateTimeOffset and returns the same type you start with. The Offset of the input DateTimeOffset is maintained.

Look at the tests for details.

Copyright 2011 ThoughtWorks, Inc. See LICENSE.txt for licensing info.

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