A Rails plugin for mixing action-specific helper modules into your view
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ActionHelper is a Rails plugin that allows you to create view helper modules 
for specific actions or templates, as opposed to the controller-wide helper 
facility Rails provides.


There are currently three ways to get action-specific helpers mixed in.

module SuperHawtnessHelper end
module ExampleSweetnessHelper end

class ExampleController < ActionController::Base
  include ActionHelper
  helper SuperHawtnessHelper, :only => :hawtness
  def hawtness
    # Only this action will get SuperHawtnessHelper since the #helper call 
    # above used the :only option.
  def sweetness
    # This action will get ExampleSweetnessHelper because the name matches 
    # the controller name and action name concatenated.
  def supercool; action_helper ExampleSweetnessHelper
    # This action will get ExampleSweetnessHelper because it just said so.


* Allow an action to declare what helper(s) it wants by name in addition to 
  passing the module itself (same as Rails does).
* Experiment with keying off the template name rather than the action (to deal 
  with actions that might render alternate templates)
* Build up a master module for each action so we're not doing so many extends 
  on every request.
* Get things self-contained so specs (including controller specs) run without 
  a surrounding Rails app.

Copyright (c) 2008 John D. Hume, released under the MIT license