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(ns appengine-clj.datastore
(:import (
DatastoreServiceFactory Entity Key Query))
(:refer-clojure :exclude [get]))
(defn entity-to-map
"Converts an instance of
to a PersistentHashMap with properties stored under keyword keys,
plus the entity's kind stored under :kind and key stored under :key."
[#^Entity entity]
(reduce #(assoc %1 (keyword (key %2)) (val %2))
{:kind (.getKind entity) :key (.getKey entity)}
(.entrySet (.getProperties entity))))
(defn get
"Retrieves the identified entity or raises EntityNotFoundException."
[#^Key key]
(entity-to-map (.get (DatastoreServiceFactory/getDatastoreService) key)))
(defn find-all
"Executes the given
and returns the results as a lazy sequence of items converted with entity-to-map."
[#^Query query]
(let [data-service (DatastoreServiceFactory/getDatastoreService)
results (.asIterable (.prepare data-service query))]
(map entity-to-map results)))
(defn create
"Takes a map of keyword-value pairs and puts a new Entity in the Datastore.
The map must include a :kind String.
Returns the saved Entity converted with entity-to-map (which will include the assigned :key)."
([item] (create item nil))
([item #^Key parent-key]
(let [kind (item :kind)
properties (dissoc item :kind)
entity (if parent-key (Entity. kind parent-key) (Entity. kind))]
(doseq [[prop-name value] properties] (.setProperty entity (name prop-name) value))
(.put (DatastoreServiceFactory/getDatastoreService) entity)
(entity-to-map entity))))
(defn delete
"Deletes the identified entities."
[& #^Key keys]
(.delete (DatastoreServiceFactory/getDatastoreService) keys))