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clj-record is an API inspired by Rails’ ActiveRecord but implemented in the Clojure programming language and intended to use its idioms.

This is a learning exercise and (at least for now) not intended for real-world use. Contributions to harden it are welcome, but I’m even more interested in recommendations for how to make it more idiomatically lisp-ey.


To define a model, you do something like this.

  (ns com.example.user)


To define associations, you add something like this.

  (ns com.example.user)

    (belongs-to account)
    (has-many subscriptions))

Then you can do things like this.

  (let [mikey (user/find-record 2)
        subs (user/find-subscriptions mikey)]
    (doseq [subscription subs] (println (format "%s subscribed to %s" (:name mikey) (:name sub))))
    (user/destroy-subscriptions mikey)
    (println "But not any more."))

See core-test.clj and associations-test.clj for everything that works.

The Name…

…is awful. Recommendations are welcome.

Copyright 2008 John D. Hume and released under an MIT license.

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