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Add a function for getting all records

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commit a8a87091a82c256e4ccc074471f569aa15df8d96 1 parent 7575850
Tero Parviainen authored
1  README.textile
@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ into function definitions for basic crud operations:
* get-record (by id)
* find-record (by a map of attributes)
+* all-records
* find-records (by a map of attributes)
* find-by-sql (by a SQL string and "?" parameter values)
* insert (from a map of attributes, returning the generated id)
8 src/clj_record/core.clj
@@ -75,6 +75,12 @@ instance."
(sql/with-query-results rows select-query-and-values
(doall (after-load model-name rows)))))
+(defn all-records
+ "Returns a vector of all records."
+ [model-name]
+ (let [select-query (format "select * from %s" (table-name model-name))]
+ (find-by-sql model-name [select-query])))
(defn find-records
"Returns a vector of matching records.
Given a where-params vector, uses it as-is. (See
@@ -217,6 +223,8 @@ instance."
([attributes#] (record-count ~model-name attributes#)))
(defn ~'get-record [id#]
(get-record ~model-name id#))
+ (defn ~'all-records []
+ (all-records ~model-name))
(defn ~'find-records [attributes#]
(find-records ~model-name attributes#))
(defn ~'find-record [attributes#]
5 test/clj_record/core_test.clj
@@ -27,6 +27,11 @@
(defdbtest get-record-throws-if-not-found
(is (thrown? IllegalArgumentException (manufacturer/get-record -1))))
+(defdbtest all-records-returns-all
+ (let [humedai (manufacturer/create (valid-manufacturer-with {:name "Humedai Motors"}))
+ other-1 (manufacturer/create (valid-manufacturer-with {:name "Some Other"}))]
+ (is (= #{humedai other-1} (apply hash-set (manufacturer/all-records))))))
(defdbtest find-records-can-do-lookup-by-attribute-equality-conditions
(let [humedai (manufacturer/create (valid-manufacturer-with {:name "Humedai Motors"}))
other-1 (manufacturer/create (valid-manufacturer-with {:name "Some Other"}))]
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