It would be useful if dashes in keys were replaced with underscores #6

edoloughlin opened this Issue Feb 10, 2011 · 3 comments


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clj-record seems to put map key names directly into SQL. This means I have to be careful with keys and use, e.g., :user_id instead of :user-id if there's a chance the key will be used by clj-record. It would be useful if there was an automatic conversion to underscores before generating SQL.


Definitely agreed. I'm trying to get other patches people have submitted in, then planning to add this, then planning to make bigger changes.

@duelinmarkers duelinmarkers was assigned Oct 2, 2011

If anyone wants to add this as a feature (without changing the default behavior) I'm happy to accept a pull request, but I'm not longer planning to add this myself.


Closing as the project is now deprecated and hopefully not in use.

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