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(ns guestbook.servlet
:extends javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet)
[guestbook.greetings :as greetings]
[guestbook.clj-exercise :as clj-exercise]
[appengine-clj.users :as users]))
(defn show-guestbook [{:keys [user user-service]}]
(let [all-greetings (greetings/find-all)]
(html [:html
[:title "Guestbook"]
(include-css "/stylesheets/main.css")]
[:h1 "AppEngine Clojure Guestbook"]
(if user
[:p "Hello, " (.getNickname user) "! (You can "
(link-to (.createLogoutURL user-service "/") "sign out")
[:p "Hello! (You can "
(link-to (.createLoginURL user-service "/") "sign in")
" to include your name with your greeting when you post.)"])
(if (empty? all-greetings)
[:p "The guestbook has no messages."]
(map (fn [greeting]
[:p (if (greeting :author) [:strong (greeting :author)] "An anonymous guest") " wrote:"]
[:blockquote (h (greeting :content))]])
(form-to [:post "/sign"]
[:div (text-area "content" "")]
[:div (submit-button "Post Greeting")])
(link-to "/exercise" "exercise clojure a bit")]])))
(defn sign-guestbook [params user]
(greetings/create (params :content) (if user (.getNickname user)))
(redirect-to "/"))
(defn exercise [user]
(let [[atom-value ref-value] (clj-exercise/show-off (if user (.getNickname user) "anon"))]
(html [:html
[:title "Clojure on AppEngine: Atoms and Refs"]
(include-css "/stylesheets/main.css")]
[:h1 "Atoms and Refs"]
[:p "Each request to this page increments an atom, which starts at zero,
and updates a ref by adding to a vector of visitors and leaving a timestamp.
This is just here to illustrate that atoms and refs work.
But you may see with repeated requests that they work a little strangely
due to the distributed nature of AppEngine.
(Or you may not. It's unpredictable.)"]
[:p "The current atom value is " (h atom-value) "."]
[:p "The current ref value is " (h ref-value) "."]
(link-to "/" "back to guestbook")]])))
(defroutes guestbook-app
(POST "/sign"
(sign-guestbook params ((users/user-info request) :user)))
(GET "/"
(show-guestbook (users/user-info request)))
(GET "/exercise"
(exercise ((users/user-info request) :user)))
(ANY "*"
[404 "Not found!"]))
(defservice (users/wrap-with-user-info guestbook-app))