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Chrome extension/Firefox addon which adds keyboard navigation keys to the arXiv. Chrome extension available here, Firefox addon available here.

Less clicking, more science! Now you can navigate the arXiv with the keyboard instead of the mouse. This extension adds several "navkey" navigation keys / keyboard shortcuts to arXiv pages.

On all pages:

  • ? Show/hide short keyboard shortcut help
  • / Set focus to search bar
  • g Go to category...
  • u Go to user page

On list/search/author-id/catchup/refs/cits pages:

  • j/k Steps down/up through the abstracts
  • a/A Open the selected abstract in the current/new window
  • p/P Open the selected PDF in the current/new window
  • [/] Previous/next page of abstracts

On abstract pages:

  • p/P Open the selected PDF in the current/new window
  • [/] Browse previous/next abstract