Simple slow-rotation neutron star structure solver
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Simple slow-rotation neutron star structure solver

This started out as Kent's code for 1303.1528, and was initially Nico's code before that. I rewrote it a lot. You will thus notice wildly varying programming styles throughout. It can still be greatly improved, but as we say, it works for me for now.

This code is capable of solving for a neutron star structure at orders 0, 1, and 2 in the slow rotation expansion. Order 0 is of course the "Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff" (TOV) equation. At orders 1 and 2 we can extract the moment of inertia and quadrupole moment.

The piecewise polytropic EOS implements the prescription in Read, Lackey, Owen, and Friedman (2009) 0812.2163, along with their fits for named EOSs.


  • make
  • makedepend
  • GSL
  • gengetopt
  • A C++ compiler. I am using clang and have not tested others.
  • I'm probably forgetting something, add it here if you pick up on a missing dep.