Robert KellyIV's vim plugin to delete duplicate lines / delete blank lines.
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This is just a normal ol plugin; NOT ftplugin (there really should be a plugin option in the type field when adding a new script... *hint* *hint* :) ) 

This is a quick/simple implimtation to delete duplicate lines (:DDL) and delete blank lines (:DBL) 

Both commands can take a range and DEFAULT TO THE ENTIRE FILE. 
Both of these commands delete lines so be carefull! 

:DBL (delete blank lines) is little more than a command front end to a :g command. 
:DDL (delete duplicate lines) opens folds,  starts at th top of the range and goes down. For each duplicate line found it is :delete 
End result is you can select a portion of a file and quickily and easily delete blank lines and or delete duplicate lines.
install details
Drop the file into your PLUGIN folder (not ftplugin!) 

Simply remove the file. 

To Test drive: 
Just install and :DDL &&|| :DBL some test file. Uninstall if desired.