An Autohotkey script to help me live my life.
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Windows Butler v3.4

Status: I refrain from adding awesome new features as I won't have AHK once I move to Linux. The updates now are silly little fixes here 'n' there, since I think I am the only one using this script.


An Autohotkey script to help you with common windows tasks, a life-saver that I just can't live without.

Table of Contents

Usage Instructions

You'll need to have Autohotkey installed.

Once you have AHK installed, download the zip, extract the contents, and Run WinButler.ahk and be prepared to face some AHK errors.

I created this script for myself and haven't had the time to make it 'user-friendly'. So if don't have prior AHK experience - please delete the Zip file you just downloaded.

Also, Autohotkey has some 'issues' on Windows 8, so it won't work there. The only thing I know is that it works smoooothly for me - Windows 7 x64.

Have fun!


The capslock key's functionality has been disabled in versions greater than 1.8.

Though I know I've done you a great favor but if you don't think so, Download the older version instead.

List of Shortcuts

Note: This list is incomplete and I don't see any reason to update it now, as I'm the only person who's using this :/

  • In windows explorer...

    • Windows + Q : Show/Hide hidden files and folders.
    • Windows + W : Show/Hide file extensions.
  • Screenshot capabilities

    Grab screenshots with ease; press one of the shortcuts and a screenshot will be saved to your My Pictures folder. You can change the path if you want to.

    • Printscreen : Save the entire screen.
    • Shift + Printscreen : Save the screen, upload to imgur and copy the URL to clipboard like a boss!
    • Ctrl + Printscreen : Save the screen but not the taskbar portion.
    • Alt + Printscreen : Save the active window.
  • Alt + Ctrl + C : Launch Cmder in the current directory.

    Launches to root "C:" if a valid path cannot be grabbed.

  • Windows + Space : Launch Scriptlet Library

    Take quick notes. Press Windows + Space again to save and exit.

    Useful to save random chunks of code/text or whatever.

    Scriptlets can be executed, saved to file or copied to clipboard.

  • Alt + Ctrl + D : Select a phrase and then press the hotkey to find words similar to it via the OneLook Reverse Dictionary.

  • Alt + Ctrl + S : Save selected text

    Select some text and press Alt+Ctrl+S, give a filename and it'll be saved to desktop. When no extension is provided, the deafult i.e txt will be used.

  • Alt + Shift + S : Save selected text as AHK and execute the Script

  • Ctrl + Shift + S : Works in Sublime text, Press it to launch the currently open file. PHP files are opened by the path from localhost.

  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc : Launch Task manager

    This hotkey first removes any sort of restriction placed (like "Taskmanager has been disabled by your administrator").

  • Alt + Ctrl + R : Launch Registry Editor

    Select a registry key like "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Python.File\shell\open" and then Press the hotkey to directly jump to that Key. Sweet, ain't it?

    Similar to task manager, any restriction on registry editor is removed.

  • In a Command prompt window

    • Ctrl + V: It is not possible to paste data directly to a command prompt window. Not anymore.

    • Ctrl + W: Close the console.

  • Launch CHM Help files...

    You'll have to tweak the script to provide paths to your help files.

    • Ctrl + Shift + Q : Launch Python's help file.
    • Ctrl + Shift + A : Launch Autohotkey's help file.
    • Ctrl + Shift + Z : Launch Help Folder


  • Delete Empty Folders

  • Paste clipboard as text: Paths

  • Task Switcher Hotspot like Preme

  • Settings GUI

    • Folder Paths
    • Screenshot
    • Backup
    • Hotkeys - Bindings, On/Off
  • Auto-Commit every x minutes

    • Similar to backup buddy
  • Screenshots

    • Upload any image via Traymenu
    • Add Shift to upload in all hotkeys


  • 3.4

    • Added: Windows + F12 Hides/Shows the Mouse Cursor.
  • 3.3

    • Added: A timer that runs opens a Jrnl entry every thirty minutes.
    • Changed: GetPathFromSublime() now works only with Unregistered version.
  • 3.2

    • Updated: Startup applications only run if not already running.
    • Added: Delays some applications so as to reduce load on startup. <applications.ahk>
    • Added: A check to ensure that some required applications are always running. See <applications.ahk>
    • Updated: All Urls and HTML files now open in Firefox.
  • 3.0

    • Updated: Volume OSD shows both Song and Artist.

    • Updated: Ctrl+Esc focuses the sidebars in some programs. See <includes/focus.ahk>

    • Added: Alt + Ctrl + X - Launch Bash Shell here (but in Cmder).

    • Updated: Cmder overhaul.

    • Remapped a few hotkeys.

    • Windows + F - Launches Everything search in the current folder.

    • Added: Alt + Ctrl + Z - Launches the currently opened file's folder from sublime. This hotkey is off by default, as I use a Sublime Plugin to open the project/file folder.

  • 2.8:

    • Modified: Alt + Ctrl + C - Now launches Cmder instead of Console2.

    • Removed: All other hacky command prompt improvements as they seem childish infront of the power of cmder.

    • Removed: RunGitShell. Use Cmder instead.

    • Created a separate file to log all the wild ideas that come to mind.

    • Added: Ctrl + W - Maps to Alt + F4 in some applications.

    • Added: Backup Buddy. Modify settings in <buddy\backup.ahk>.

    • Added: Shows the currently playing song in Volume OSD. Works because I have Windows Media Player Plus! plugin enabled. Get it from

  • 2.7:

    • Backup Buddy added. NOT activated though.

    • Added: Ctrl + Esc - Sets focus to navigation pane in Windows Explorer.

    • Updated: RestartExplorer. Now uses a function by SKAN.

    • Updated: Help files are now SingleInstance <run.ahk>

    • Minor Tweaks in <console.ahk>

    • Added: Mouse wheel up/down over taskbar - Adjust audio volume.

    • Bugfix: RunRegedit now launches the selected key properly.

  • 2.6:

    • Miscellaneous improvements in <explorer.ahk>
    • Added: Ctrl + Windows + E - Restart Shell.
    • Modified: GetCurrentFolderPath() to use ShellFolderView. Far better method.
    • Removed: Console2 has been removed from the package, download seperately and put it in Data/console2/. This reduces the size of the repo by 1 MB :)
  • 2.5:

    • Refactored: Broke the code into more different files.

    • Added: Alt + Ctrl + X - Launch Git Shell in current directory.

    • Refactored: Selectfiles. Leaner Code.

    • Added: Ctrl + S - Select multiple files in explorer.

    • Fixed: Ctrl+Up/Down - Doesn't mess with VLC's default volume control.

    • Added: PgUp, PgDn - Scrolling in any console window.

    • Added: Date/Time Hotstrings.

  • 2.3:

    • Added: An About Gui. yay!
    • Added: TrayMenu Icons for changing the screenshot size.
    • Added: TrayIcon for when the script is suspended.
  • 2.1:

    • Added: Ctrl + Up/Down - Volume Control (On Screen Display).

    • Enabled: SelectArea. Bug Fixed.

    • Modified: Windows + Space instead of Ctrl + Space - Opens Scriptlet Library.

  • 2.0:

    • Added: Shift + Printscreen - Upload screenshots to Imgur

    • Refactored: Screenshot.ahk

    • Disabled: SelectArea Screenshot (not reliable)

    • Added Windows + LButton to grab screen area.

    • Added: Alt + Shift + S - Save and Run AHK Scripts

    • Modified: Minor improvements to SaveScript:

    • Modified: Windows + Down - Minimizes instead of restoring.

    • Added: Windows + S - Autoshutdown in X minutes.

    • Updated: Multiple files can be opened in sublime from explorer.

    • Added: Ctrl + PgDn/PgUp - QtTabBar Improvements.

    • Added: ALt + Ctrl + F - Opens the selected file in sublime text.

    • Remapped: CapsLock to Backspace.

  • 1.8:

    • Removed: Ctrl + N (New File) Hotkey. Useless.

    • Modified: Printscreen now captures the screen but avoids the sidebar. Use Shift+Printscreen to capture the entirety, and Ctrl+Printscreen to capture Active Windows.

    • Modified: Alt+Ctrl+C - Runs Console2 instead of CommandPrompt.

    New Modules:

    • AutoShutdown
    • Volume OSD

    Refactored into Modules:

    • Run from Sublime

    • Screennshot

    • Registry

    • Explorer

    • Added: RegJump - Jumps to a specified registry key

  • 1.5:

    • Modified: Ctrl + Shift + Z - to open Help Folder instead of PHP.

    • Added: Alt + Ctrl + C - to launch Console2

    • Added: Ctrl + W - closes the Command Prompt.

    • Added: Ctrl + N - to create a new file in folder.

    • Added Gdip.ahk incase it is not present in your standard library.

  • 1.4 :

    • Added: Alt + Ctrl + D to reverse lookup words on OneLook.

    • Added: Some naive hotstrings. Like "i'm" gets converted to "I'm" and such.

    • Fixed: The Screenshot directory will be created if it doesn't already exist.

    • Added: For Markdown (.md) files in sublime. Send Alt+M Hotkey which builds the markdown file and opens in browser - I use the MarkdownEditing plugin.

  • 1.3 : Added Run from Sublime

  • 1.2 : Added Screenshot features

  • 1.0 : Initial Release

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